Endo broke my new crown

Dec 1, 2021
I’ve been having a lot going on with tooth #13. It cracked because of my new crown under it was too high. So I had to have a root canal done. After the root canal was done I was told I needed crown lengthening before the crown could be placed. Once that was done I was in excruciating pain. The dentist kept saying it was just swelling even though I insisted it felt like an abscess. They proceeded to put the crown on anyway. After the crown was on I came back because I was still in pain after the steroid I was prescribed. That’s when they realized the root canal failed. So I was referred to an Endo for an apec. The Endo felt he could just redo the root canal and in the process broke my crown in half all just to realize that an apec is needed. Now the dentist wants me to pay full for a new crown even though I advised that I had a abscess and I didn’t break the crown. And I still have an infection that no one can see me for until January. I’m wonder if I can just get it pulled at this point I’ve probably spend more then an implant.


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