Don't know what to believe!

Nov 5, 2021
I live in my RV and travel so don't have a regular dentist but I do get my teeth cleaned when I should. So yesterday I got my teeth cleaned in a town I am just passing through. Hygienist tells me my teeth look good (I floss and brush min 2x a day, use a pick after every meal) but then she tells me my rear teeth all have pockets of 5mm and that the gums are red and swollen. Then for the next 1.5 hrs while cleaning my teeth she goes on and on and on about getting a deep cleaning on those teeth. She did clean around them, there was no pain or sensitivity or bleeding. When I got "home" I looked with a mirror with flashlight and I don't see any redness back there! None of my teeth bother me.

Is she just trying to upsell me? They want $500 to do the cleaning back there. Since she wouldn't stop trying to sell me on it I just felt like a used car salesman was badgering me.

Thoughts???? Thanks!!!



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Did a dentist examine you? Were there any x-rays? Upselling deep cleanings happen more often than we like. If the x-rays show bone recession, 5 mm or deep pocketing and tarter buildup, you will need deep cleanings. I understand your living situation but it is best to have continuity of care with the same dental team than to have strangers work on you.


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