Does colour of my gum 3-days-post-molar-extraction (due to abscess) indicate need for intervention

Feb 3, 2017
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It's been 72 hours since my molar was removed due to an abscess, it was a difficult extraction, and I visited my dentist's colleague for a follow-up today because pain had been so intense (though diminished in 8 hours prior to my seeing him). He said likely osteitis/drysocket. This evening I looked inside my mouth and some tissue around the site had gone an alarming yellow/brown/cream colour. I don't know if it was this colour this morning. It wasn't in the day after my extraction. I am having intermittent intense upsurges in pain symptoms but it is less than yesterday overall.

Does the colour of the tissue indicate the need for additional intervention? I don't want to get a sepsis or anything like that.

Also can I go easy on the salt water mouthwashes? Replace with Corsodyl? After the saltwater I am in absolute agony for 1/2 hour.



DSC_2543-768x1024.JPG DSC_2540-768x1024.JPG DSC_2539-768x1024.JPG


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