Do steroids delay tooth abscess healing?

Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by, Jun 1, 2010.

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    Please don't say "ask your dentist".
    I don't trust the dentist's 'words', because:
    I'm located in the 3rd world,
    he discusses little medical info but rather how/that I should pay in advance.

    Normally I heal fast. But recently I've been on steroids:
    prednisone pills for a few days, and then
    an aerosol daily,
    for asthma.

    I'm speculating that the 'dampening of the asthma-causeing over-active immunity',
    would also slow the healing of the abscess.

    Or is this wrong?

    Is it relevant that the steroid-inhalant is aerosol-ed into the mouth;
    ie. directly onto the gum abscess.

    Thanks for any info/advice

    == Chris Glur.
    , Jun 1, 2010
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  2. wrote:

    Theoretically steroids can slow healing because inflammation is part of
    the healing process.
    Specifically, I can't speak to the healing of a dental abscess. I know
    that oral surgeons sometimes use corticosteroids to decrease
    inflammation and swelling after difficult extractions--but I don't think
    they are administered for any significant period of time.
    Anyone else out there have any info on this?

    Steven Bornfeld, Jun 1, 2010
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