Do I need more imaging?

Feb 11, 2019
I did see a TMJ specialist and he did a pan xray. He told me that my bones are scratching each other and that cause the pain. He told me to do physical therapy first.
have been dealing with lower jaw pain under right ear with swelling since 3rd week of may.It started after I chew some food more than usual and next day I heard a pop in the jaw,pain and swelling started the same day.went to ENT to check sinus as I had facial pain.he did an Endo,no infection in ear,sinus.Pain radiates to side of the neck in June&swollen a little.Went to the dentist,he told me to extract upper wisdom tooth&removed it.

Even after that,symptoms persist.he referred me to tmj specialist. I saw the tmj specialist and he prescribed me PT for my symptoms. He said he will give splint after PT.

I have ear pain,jaw pain under ear where the lower jaw ends, pain on top side of the head above the ear, neck pain(only right side and it's very painful). My Dr did see a small lump on side of the neck and my neck is swollen a little.
I have continuous sore pain. It's like sore scratching/burning pain on side of the neck, lower jaw under the ear, inside the ear and top right of the head(one spot above the ear).I hear some soft music pitch, ringing in my ear at times during the day and while lying down.
It hurts to touch spots under the ear, side of the neck and on one spot on top right side of the head. Neck and jaw are mildly swollen. Severe pain in the lower jaw under ear and side of the neck. It hurts to touch. I feel like something stuck in the throat constantly. I see in Google that something stuck in the throat symptoms comes under TMJD too. So, I am not sure if the neck pain and swelling(lump) comes under TMJD.

I have started PT for tmjd. My symptoms have become severe and the pain is worse. PT did say that pain will become worse before getting better. What are those spots or lumps which I feel on the jaw under ear, side of the neck and top right side of the head.
Any thoughts?
I feel those spots when I run my finger over those spots and it hurts to touch. What are those spots which are bulgy and hurts to touch? I have a lump under the ear in the lower jaw since end of may when this issue started. It's still the same. How to know what are those? Do tmjd diagnosis require further imaging? The specialist didn't say anything about further imaging. Why those spots hurts to touch and what helps to get relief from those? Any thoughts doctor(s) here?


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