Discomfort/pain in upper right gum area near teeth.

Jun 2, 2022
Discomfort/Pain has been there for about a week or two. It seems like my Occlusal night guard (for my grinding) makes it worse (more sharper pain). I do wear it all day. I did get a new guard today. Old one was broken and worn off.

I go to the dentist every 3 months for cleaning which includes Periodontal Maintenance:

Gingival Irrigation per Quadrant. Topical application of fluoride varnish, perio charting and application of desensitizing. Last treatment was 5/9/22.

Today dental office took X-rays and discovered tarter buildup in that area and something to do with pockets. I have had bone loss as well. I was recommended to floss better. Apparently, I wasn’t doing floss correctly meaning moving too fast and not scrubbing around the side of tooth.
I am a 44 years old male.
Any advice?


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