Did i really need a Root Canal?

Jan 6, 2017
Hey guys ,

I had my 2nd bottom left molar extraction about 4 weeks ago. The dentist found it really hard to do the extraction and it was the most unpleasant thing ever :/ . hearing my tooth crunch , crack and my head being yanked side to side I felt like a rag doll . I was in their for about 50 minutes :/

After the extraction I was in terrible pain 2 days later I also felt pain coming from another tooth in the bottom left area number 5 or 6 I think its a pre-molar It was giving me a sharp shooting pain, if I bite my teeth It would feel a shooting pain even brushing my tooth with my electric tooth brush it would send a shooting pain. - I went back to the dentist he couldn't see anything wrong with the tooth and said wait a few days just see if it settles down.

A few days passed and I still had this pain, I went back to the dentist she then removed the filling and looked in my tooth and said "Yes its definitely this tooth" (it must of inflamed) , The dentist then cleaned my tooth and put a temporary filling in and advised booking another appointment for a root Canal.

Over the Christmas holiday with this temporary filling I felt NO pain at all I could do anything to the tooth and it felt great, Biting / brushing . It was Perfect ! I have no idea why my tooth seemed fine maybe their something wrong with the previous filling? and after removing it , cleaning the tooth putting a temporary filling in what ever had happened solved my horrendous tooth ache I had NO pain for for over 3 weeks. Maybe it was my Extraction that was causing the pain during the healing period? I have no idea.

Today I went back the dentist for Root Canal and explained this, he basically advised he will have a look at the tooth after taking away the temporary filling and he agreed with the other dentist that I needed to have a root canal. He said the pain will come back if I don't. and I increase the risk of another extraction So I ended up with a root canal.

I am asking my self a question if I really needed a root canal when the problem had seemed to have gone away? I thought it was strange and thought they were just going to replace the temporary filling with a normal filling.


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