Dexamethasone after bone grafting

Sep 9, 2023
I am having a large bone graft soon. The surgeon has perscribed dexamethasone steriods after. I am terrified to take this. I have auto immune, chronic lyme, chronic health issues and am very careful about what I take. I am scared to inquire with the surgeon about the whys of the dex. I am trying to research on my own what may happen if I chose to not take it. I do not need snide replies about just listening to the experts. I have been harmed many times by doctors and dentists and so do my own research now. I would like to avoid the steroids but I do not know if this will just cause a bit more swellign, or if it woudl negatively impact the graft takign and healing. Anyone else not take steroids after large dental surgery like this and do ok? I will be having bone grafts on many teeth at one time so a lot of new material integrating into the body. I will be doing the antibiotics but would prefer to opt out of the steroids but don't know what this would do.


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