Desperate Help Needed, Can My Dentist Really Do This To Me?

Apr 17, 2014
This has been niggling at me all day and i had to speak to someone, Anyway last month i accidentally missed my dentist appointment i phoned and apologised and was told "Not a problem" and had my rearranged appointment today, I get my treatment free due to ill health as well. So i went to my appointment today, sat in the waiting room for nearly half hour, then got called to see the dentist, actually sat in the dentist chair and he turned around and said i can't do any work on you today, i asked why and he said that because i missed my appointment my nhs package had expired and couldnt do work on me for 6 months!! I was stunned i said "but what about the tooth thats chipped and needed a filling what happens if i get some serious pain with that will you be able to see me as an emergency or what will you do" and his reply was "I'll give you antibiotics," i said what if it hurts and he simply shrugged his shoulders, i was so stunned and disgusted because i dont know why i couldnt be told this over the phone when i rearranged my appointment that i said "umm ok" and walked out and he didnt even say goodbye or explain even more he simply said its NHS rules.
So can he actually do this to me, im petrified that if my tooth gets worse and does go worse that it wont be able to be fixed and will hurt and he wont be able to do anything except give me antibiotics!
This blokes attitude stinks,
On another story about him basically i had a filling which came out last year so i went back to him and he said the only thing he could do is keep putting temporary fillings in there, i spoke to another dentist who was furious that he said that to me as the other dentist said "did he offer to cap it or anything" i said no which was the truth, its disgusting the way this bloke treats his patients.

I really need to know what to do and some advice.
Thanks in advance


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