Denture Question

Mar 8, 2021
Hello all;

This is my first post. I am 59 years old, I have naturally soft teeth that are prone to decay and breakage, also I am a terrible clencher and do a lot of damage to my teeth. I am currently scheduled to have all my remaining bottom teeth extracted, and will be receiving a temporary full bottom denture, which will be replaced by a permanent denture +/- 6 months. I will also be having my all top teeth extracted EXCEPT for a couple of molars on each side. these molars are not pristine, but they are serviceable. I will be having a temporary partial top denture installed, followed by a permanent one. Both my dentist and denturist strongly recommend retaining these molars to better secure the top plate. My closest friend tells me that the best thing he ever did was to get rid of the last few natural teeth on the top and go for a full top plate. My wife thinks that since most people have so few problems with with their top plates, that to keep some natural teeth will result in ongoing dental costs as well as ultimate top plate modification or replacement. This is a tough decision, once teeth are out they can't be put back in, on the other hand, I don't want to spend money unnecessarily on replacing or modifying my top plate.




Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

Do you perhaps have a xray of the remaining top teeth, so that we can evaluate their condition and give an opinion?

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