Denture Nightmare

May 19, 2021

I am in my 60s and due to Sjogren’s Syndrome (dry mouth) I have now lost all my upper teeth. I have also for many years suffered from loud clicking in my jaw joints more so on my left side since I was a child. But thankfully no major pain in the TMJ joints.

My bite has also it seems been wrong all this time, my upper front teeth lined up directly on top of my lower front teeth. My right molars did the same, but the left upper molars come down inside the lower ones. I had difficulty chewing tough food like meat and therefore avoided it. All the pictures of people smiling in the dentists showed me what looked like my teeth in the mirror. So, I believed my teeth and bite were normal. Until I was 24 and my then future partner corrected me. However, for me biting and chewing food has always been difficult. But I managed by adjusting my diet. I managed through fillings, crowns and partial plates as none of them changed my bite.

Since having all my upper teeth removed May 2019 and an upper denture made a year later, I have found.

Eating to be almost impossible. With or without the denture.

The new denture was loose, the dentist said use denture fixative and later the dentist re-lined it using a kit. But I find the denture to be still loose. I also find removing the fixative take about an hour and difficult.

Second eating, chewing and biting food is now extremely difficult. The new denture fits apparently as normal teeth should, the front upper teeth overlap the lower front teeth. I now cannot for example bite through even a slice of bread probably due to my different bite.

I find I cannot sleep with the denture in but then find I cannot rest my jaw which leads to pain in my left side TMJ. I am thinking some sort of gum shield would help. But they all seem to be made to fit teeth. I need one that would fit my upper gums.

My dentist is now suggesting he fits me for another denture. I am worried this will not solve any of the above problems.

My problems are eating, sleeping and pain.

Is there any way to have a denture made that will give me my old bite back?

Or just fit better?

Thanks in advance.

PS I live in the UK.


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