Dentist says motrin enough for serious sinus lift pain

Apr 17, 2018

I've had three sinus lift operations and due to bad condition of my teeth and gums the previous experiences were very very painful. I was in pain for about ten days after the second sinus lift and even the pain medication(percocet) i was prescribed did not fully take the mind-numbing pain away. It was really brutal. My question is why is my sinus lift hurting so much? Is it because of condition of the tooth? Doc had to put in a lot of material(i think bone) during operation.

I just had another sinus lift yesterday and pain was really bad that I had to ask towards the end of the operation for more injections of whatever medication they numb your gum/tooth with.

I was prescribed percocet but due to what he says was a malfunction on his computer he said the prescription could not go through. After waiting two hours for them to clear it up at the pharmacy I was in so much pain I had to go back to have him inject me with pain medication on the gum to ease the pain. He said he was puzzled that motrin did not take the pain away.

I took motrin and tylenol and the pain did not ease. I woke up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep because of the pain.

29 hours after the operation I am still in a lot of pain. I could not go to work today and will probably have to take the day off tomorrow.

I understand due to the opiod epidemic that doctors are very reluctant to prescribe anything stronger than a motrin. I have been prescribed 6-8 tablets in the past and took half a tablet to keep the pain at bay. Are doctors now making certain patients suffer because of the sins of others?



Jan 12, 2018
dental post op pain IS REAL!!!! I experienced the inhuman experience in jan. 2018 in reference to a tooth "extraction" ( more like being butchered up!!!) I received NO POST OP CARE!!! dentist REFUSED TO PROVIDE RX FOR PAIN MED!!! I ended up in the ER with a allergic reaction to ibuprofen!! I have filed a complaint with the state board of dentristy I refuse to be butchered up by a regular dentist/ ended up receving proper dental care from a oral surgeon, oral surgeon is a dream I am receving the post op care that I need, my post op needs are met by oral surgeon. the regular dentist never considered my post op needs the only post op care I received from dentist was a baggie of some 2 x 2 gauzes ( I would have been better off receving a dime bag of herbal organic leafy smokabile herb relief) Hmm. the dental bone graft that the "dentist" placed cost 650 dollars placed in jan 2018. to repair the oral damages so far has cost me about 6000(SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS)dollars OUT OF POCKET!!! it is a DAMN shame that dentist refuse to provide a post op oral surgery patient pain relief !!!! shame, shame , shame, maybe it is better that one seek out dental care out of the borders of the US, I hear that folks do receive pain relief!!! from beyond the US border dentists


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