Dentist recommends top denture. Should l do this?

Jul 6, 2017
Im 65 years of age, and have lost teeth due to gum disease.
i have 5 teeth on top jaw. Periodontal examination advises that teeth 14,12 and 23 will respond well to perio treatment. Teeth 11 and 21 upper central incisor is worst effected and carrying poor prognoses. Tooth 11 will need to be removed as it is mobile and bone infected, and 21 may be salvageable by splinting.
Teeth 14 and 12 support an ill fitting bridge.
We visited a dentist due to pain in the front tooth 11. Severe throbbing experienced at nights.
Currently I wear a parital denture for the remaining teeth not mentioned above. I take it out at home.
After I got crowns, bridge work back in 2011, I experienced a pericardial effusion 8 months
Would you recommend full upper denture?


Jan 5, 2017
I hate that you haven't gotten any replies on this. I have made several posts and haven't had any either. I am a 70 year old male and kind of in the shape your in. I am having trouble with basically all my teeth hurting when they come together. I haven't got an answer as to what is wrong. Been to several dentist and they don't know. From everything I can read I my be clenching and grinding my teeth. One of the dentist made a night guard but it is so tight I can't make myself wear it.
I have been thinking about dentures also. I have 3 old crowns on teeth 8,9 and 10 and also a crown on 2. If all this has to be redone I will have to go with dentures for financial reasons. Dentures will be expensive enough but nowhere near the cost to have 4 or 5 crowns replaced. Also 14 and 15 have large fillings in them so they will have to be crowned at some point. I had a tooth pulled in 2001 and said I would never do it again but I may have to
I just wish they could tell me what my problem is.
Please post what you decide and I hope you get some answers.


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