Dental treatment second opinion

Jul 20, 2020
I would like a second opinion about the dental treatment recommended to me and the care I received. Last year, I went to a dentist because I had an abscessed tooth. I was given amoxicillin to take for 1 week, then I received a root canal. The amoxicillin didn't cure the infection, but I was told the root canal would get rid of the infection. A couple of months after the root canal, I received a permanent dental crown. The dentist did not do an x-ray before placing the permanent crown to see if the root canal had removed the infection. The crown was also poorly fitted. I had it adjusted twice, but it still uncomfortable and made my gums more inflamed. I requested for the crown to be removed and get a new crown. I was told that the infection is still there and that I need a root canal retreatment before I can get a new crown. I spoke with a family friend who is a dentist and was told that I was not given proper care. I was told that after I took the amoxicillin, the dentist should have placed an antibiotic into the tooth to remove the infection. I was told that the dentist should have done an x-ray to determine if the antibiotic was working before doing the root canal procedure. I was also told that the dentist should have made sure that the infection was completely cured before placing the permanent crown. I was also told that taking another round of amoxicillin and placing an antibiotic into the infected tooth could still cure the infection and that I may not need the root canal retreatment. Is this information correct? Did I receive improper care? If so, what recourse do I have for the poor treatment I received?


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day,

It does sound like the treatment you received was not 100%. Usually a follow-up x-ray is indicated to ensure that the root canal was successful. During the treatment, a paste that also has anti-microbial properties is places into the canals, in order to assist with the killing of bacteria inside the tooth. Sometimes an additional antibiotic is also given with amoxicillin, that works on the anaerobic bacteria, which also
needs to be killed. This entire process should have been explained to you, since this is part of informed consent.
There are however a lot of other reasons that could also have led to the root canal treatment not clearing up the infection, such as the roots being short filled, canals being missed etc. This could be established with a good post-op radio-graph, and then this should also be attended to before a crown is placed on the tooth. After a crown is placed, it is then also important to take a post-op radio-graph of this procedure to ensure accurate fit and seal, as well as that no excess cement was left behind, that could cause inflammation and ultimately failure of the entire treatment.
You can try another round of antibiotics and then see if this helps, but ultimately I would suggest seeking a second opinion from another dentist, to evaluate the root canal, as well as the crown that was placed.
The steps that the dentist followed does not sound like good common practice, and it doesn't sound like you were informed of all the risks and steps of the treatment that was done. You can report the dentist to the associated health/dentist council or body that is present in your country and with whom he should be registered and then they could investigate to see if you have a case for malpractice or not.

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