Dental Question (Pls advise)

Aug 5, 2016
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Quick question and would appreciate your input...

My dentist gave me treatment plan of a RCT for 2 and Implants for 30 and 31. At the moment 29 and 30 (30 is infected - the crown/rct failed) have a crown (bridge). Tooth 31 was extracted 3 years ago and I never went back for the implant. He says I need an implant on 31 otherwise 2 will fall off over time since there is no tooth to support it.

He also said an alternative is if I dont want an implant at 31, then to extract 2 because there is no real point of a RCT since the tooth will eventually fall out. Therefore the only implant would be on 30.

My question is as follows:

1- Should I extract or RCT 2 if I am not doing an implant on 31?
2- What if I extracted 2 and 30 to avoid any implants?

Thank you.


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