Dental Pro 7. Scam?

Feb 27, 2021
Hi folks,

My dentist in Australia has told me that I have the choice of getting a deep clean from her to slow down my gum disease with a cost of $300, or that I see a specialist and receive the 'gold standard' treatment for gum disease at a cost of $3000. She feels I would benefit from seeing a specialist, but I just can't afford $3000.

I can afford $300, and I wondered if a combination of a deep clean and using a natural product like Dental Pro 7, would be effective.

Dental Pro 7 is a product that purports to prevent and/or greatly reduce gum disease by using natural ingredients.

Has anyone tried this product? Any success? Is it a scam? Thanks in advance for replies.



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Did your dentist do gum probings? If you have any probings of 5 mm and deeper, and your x-rays show bone recession, you may need deep cleanings. If you cannot afford the fees, try a teaching facility like the Dental and Hygiene Schools and or graduate programs like grad periodontics where they train gum specialists.

I don't see any legitimate articles in dental peer review journals supporting Dental Pro 7. When something seem too good to be true, be very wary.

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