Dental pain with heat - root canal teeth x-ray added

Jan 15, 2020
Thank you Doctor for your reply to my last message. I won't repeat my previous question but if I could ask for one more set of eyes regarding the images are below?

My dentist sent over my two x-rays to my endodontist today. The issue was what I felt as hot sensitivity in the two root canal teeth. Like the kind that shoots you out of your chair. I got a call from the Endo's office today. They reviewed these x-rays and said #15 needs a root canal now. That is one of my few good teeth with no fillings. That would be the very last molar on the back of these scans (only half of the said tooth can be seen on the scan). Do you see anything suspicious in the two vital neighborning molars? Do the crown margins on the RCT look ok?

I am going to get a second opinion since the two root canals did not help the pain and they want to do another. I am almost thinking of extracting teeth and be done with it.
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