Dental mistake what can I do

Discussion in 'Dental Restoration' started by Jess1eann, Aug 9, 2017.


do i file for malpractice or peer review?

  1. Dental peer review

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  2. Give both dentist another chance

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  3. Contact malpractice attorney

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  1. Jess1eann


    Aug 9, 2017
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    hi I've always had a dentist I could trust until I moved to CA and had to see someone new.
    One dentist recommended that I get one crown and said that 2 existing issues I would have to go to a specialist because they can't do root canals.

    I allowed the 1st dentist to do a crown, deep clean and one filling.
    -they had to replace 1st crown because they ground it down so much metal was showing and looked like cavity.
    -filling seems like it is bad I can't floss between the the two teeth at all. They couldn't be bothered to fix this at the same time because the dentist was 30 minutes late to my appointment to fix the mess ups.
    -2nd replacement apparently there is open margins on both sides that the dentist who put it on didn't think they should mention it, but when I got the deep clean a dentist in the same office told me and said they needed to replace it for the 3rd time.

    I went to "specialist" they recommended for the other 2 teeth. And ended up having to get 2 crowns (they made them while I was sitting in the chair no metal)
    -1st crown the day after getting it it started feeling weird when I swallowed
    -2nd crown has been sensitive so I can't chew on that side for a month.
    I went back in a new dentist looked at the 1st crown and realized the material was cracked and they had to replace (they made the new crown 3x whiter than other teeth and didn't ask before they cemented it)
    2nd crown they filed down saying I was just hitting, so it was sensitive. A month later I go back with same pain still and they say they have to replace that one.

    What do I do? Do I fly home and see the dentist I trust and have him fix everything and get a detailed list of what these two dentists have messed up on or do I file with peer review or malpractice. I don't really trust either place after both have had to fix their crowns 3x it's ridiculous and negligent.
    Jess1eann, Aug 9, 2017
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