Dental Ceramics

Jan 27, 2020
Hi, I am an undergrad student and I am really interested in dental ceramics. I know there are 2 options when looking into this part of dentistry, either on the job training or 1-2 year schooling to become a dental lab technician, then further certification. I haven't been able to find out much information these options online though, such as when to apply to either or the steps to take to advance in the career. My goal is to become a master ceramist, I don't really know what the general steps are to get to that point. I have also thought about dental school (is it worth it?) but I think the ceramics is what I am mostly interested in. If anyone would have any information about anything or even have someone I could contact that would be so great. Also I wasn't quite sure where to post this. Thanks all!



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Where are you located? Look up dental technician career information. I think it can be a rewarding career. Being a dentist may not be for everyone. Here in the US, a lot of recent graduating dentists don't consider the amount of student loans needed for dental schools. It is not unusual for some to owe more than $400,000!

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