Dental Care for Autistic Teen with Violent Tendencies

May 6, 2014
I've got a tough question here, for which I understand there probably is no easy answer. I have an autistic son, almost 16, who cannot speak, and who sometimes can become violent (such as biting, hitting or pushing). As regards tooth care, luckily he did not have any serious problem for many years, but it did gradually become more and more difficult even to have a dentist examine him. We are in Japan, and I don't speak Japanese so well.

Late last year he developed a serious cavity in at least one tooth, but as it wasn't possible for normal dentists to treat him. Finally, we were referred to a university hospital dental department, where they can put the patient under general anesthesia for treatment. We were able to go to dentist, but due to his violent tendencies while examining him, the head dentist finally refused to have undergo anesthesia. It would have to be done at least a couple of times, because a blood and heart test are required prior to the dental treatment. They say that with time the pain will die down as the nerve dies. But the pain seems to be continuing, as definitely influences his daily life and behavior. Any advice?
Apr 2, 2014
Unfortunately, the pain will not "die down" until the source of the problem is treated. It will more than likely get worse. I would try to find another dental clinic that can treat him with the aid of sedation. Best of luck.


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