Dental Bridge /front teeth

Sep 27, 2012
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a little backstory first, ill make it short..

i was involved in a fight about 3 years ago and had a front tooth and insicor knocked out. Front tooth was put back in and had a root canal, insicor was gone forever and i used a dental "flipper" for about two years. My teeth have always been kind of crooked. My canines didnt grow in properly and kinda protruded a bit. So after two years of wearing an annoying flipper i decided to go get a more permanent fix.

I began a dental bridge procedure today. I decided against an implant because of cost and the fact that i wanted a better appearance for my teeth anyway. I must admit i started regretting the decision as the dentist was grinding away at two of my natural teeth and thatd they'd be ruined forever but all i could think about was that at least they'd finally look straight. I was wrong. The impressions they took obviously showed my canine tooth (the one they grinded to a nub) was crooked and kind of turned a bit, yet they told me they were going to make my porcelain crown identical and crooked as it was in my mouth. Is this normal procedure? I was hoping they'd make the crown look better and straight instead of making it identical to my already crooked tooth.


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