Dental Assisting Schools

Mar 12, 2013
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I graduated from Warren Tech with a certificate of dental assisting, radiology, and CPR last May (2012). Since then, the school has not given me any help whatsoever in finding a dental position as well as the doctor I interned with. I've had about 26 (and counting) interviews but all of the offices pick someone with more experience. I've tried getting internship at these offices that I've previously interviewed at with no luck. All of the advice I am getting is to get the experience, however nobody is willing to give me that.

I am wanting to go back to school for a fresh start and to refreshen my skills as it has been a year already. I am trying to pick between two choices: the Colorado School of Dental Assisting or the American School of Dental Assisting. There is a price difference, however, my main concern is which one would be more accredited in the dental field. Please, help!


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