Dental Abscess

Jul 13, 2015
Hi everyone.

I have a very swollen face due to what I think is a dental abscess.

I have had a lump (not visable lump but I can feel it) in between my cheek and lower jaw line for a while which usually goes away with nurofen. This weekend my face has swelled up on one side and even though it doesn't hurt it is very uncomfortable. I am taking antibiotics which were prescribed yesterday by a doctor and I am seeing a dentist this afternoon.

The lump/swelling is right next to a tooth which is probably going to be pulled out (it is either coming out or a root canal) and the reason it hasn't already is I saw a dentist earlier this year but they couldn't do anything as I was pregnant.

I am really scared about what the dentist will say this afternoon. Hoping they can drain the abscess so that the swelling goes away but what if they don't.

Anyone else gone through this? What was the outcome?

Thank you all so much in advance



Verified Dentist
Sep 26, 2014
Hope you had your dental consultation. It appears to be a dental abscess and can be drained off along with a dose of antibiotics. But ensure that you should either do a root canal treatment for it (if at all possible),or get it 'extracted and replaced'.

thanking you

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