Dark lines about E-max porcelain ceramic crowns

Dec 7, 2016
Hello about four months ago I had 2 front teeth crowns to replace veneers. I paid privately as my veneers were dark and making me not want to smile. I was recommended all porcelain E-max ceramic crowns and was so looking forward to a nice smile. My first set of permanent crowns arrived and I cried when they tried them on me, they were so buck I looked like a bunny and the shade was ridiculous. They were fitted with temporary cement and I was sent back to the lab to start again. I then had to walk around with rabbit teeth for 2 weeks. I then went back and had my next crowns popped in my mouth, my dentist said they looked much better, I had a mirror given to me I said they looked better and off I went. After a couple weeks of waiting for my teeth to feel normal (my back teeth no longer touch and my bite is all weird, I can't grind food with my back teeth anymore) I returned to him and was told to allow 6'months for everything to feel right. I never once had my bite checked at the fitting stage. But most upsetting me is that I have dark lines above my two front teeth and they bleed when I floss. I didn't think they would have dark lines with all ceramic. After spending alot of money I'm still embarrassed to smile. When I rub by finger across the top of my two from teeth they smell. One of my front teeth underneath is root canal'd and I'm so worried about the effect of all this is having. Can you offer me some advice ?
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Dec 10, 2016
Go back to your dentist and explain what you don't like. Shouldn't have a smell or taste unless it is trapping bacteria underneath. This can be a small gap present or even excess cement.
The dark lines are most likely to be a bonding failure near the gum line so bacteria can get underneath. This can be a problem if there was moisture contamination during the bonding/cementation process.
Leaving this without correcting the issue is likely to lead to gum disease in the future.


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