Crown issue

Nov 24, 2021
Hope someone can answer my question:

Had a new crown fitted today on a bottom tooth which ended up sticking up a little higher than my other teeth. I had a slight gap all the way round my mouth and could close my teeth fully.

Anyway the dentist filed down the crown a little but also my healthy tooth on my upper jaw to try and help with the gap.

It didn't really work and I still have the gap but now where my healthy tooth has been filed I'm getting a horrible feeling g as if I'm chewing on tin foil.

My question is should the dentist have filed my healty tooth as it makes sense to me? Surely just removed the crown and re set it lower??

Many thanks



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
I only have to adjust the opposing healthy tooth if the crown tooth is too short to prep further. I would tell the person before we proceeded to prep that it is necessary due to lack of vertical space. You may be experiencing a galvanizing effect where different metals touch.

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