Crown, Bridge or gums causing bad breath

Discussion in 'Dental Archive' started by MMAGGOTT, Nov 28, 2005.


    MMAGGOTT Guest

    About 12 years ago I had some work done. I had gum grafts done, one
    crown and one bridge. The gums were done on the two bottom front gums.
    The crown on the upper right molar, and the bridge on the lower right
    side back of the mouth. The crown and the bridge compliment each
    other. Well I am trying to see what is causing my bad (awful) breath.
    Sometimes it will smell like feces and others like something dead. The
    earliest I can recall the instance of this problem is about a year or
    so after the work I had done. So I am trying to see what might be the
    major contributor to my problem. The bridge work still looks good.
    The gums look good (according to periodontist). But the one thing I do
    see is the molar with crown. Over the years the gum around the molar
    has moved way up. Looking at the tooth itself, the color is an
    off-brown. I am wondering if the tooth might actually be dead because
    of the color and the way the gum has receded from it. I floss twice a
    day and brush three times a day for two minutes each time. I scrape my
    tongue after brushing it with hydrogen perioxide. It is always a nice
    pink color. I have taken antibiotics to resolve the problem, but it is
    still there. I have spoken to several dentist and asked them about the
    problem but nothing as ever come of it. I have used every mouthwash
    out there. I have tried every diet out there. I have virtually become
    a vegeterian just so as not to contribute getting some kind of meat
    stuck in my teeth. I do not have gum disease, but wonder if a deep
    cleaning of the gums would help. Well, I will leave it in your hands
    to see if someone knows anything before going back to my dentist for
    another check-up. My doctor said it could have been a sinus issue but
    my ENT has already comfirmed that there is nothing there. I had my
    tonsils taken out, but the problem is still there. So anyway, any help
    would be appreciated. Thanks.
    MMAGGOTT, Nov 28, 2005
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