Crooked Mandibular Second Premolar

Mar 3, 2018

Picture of the tooth ^

My tooth in the picture is crooked and leaning in slightly. The same tooth on the other side of my mouth is crooked, but not to the same extent.

It just started leaning in like that a year or so ago.

I went to the dentist about it, and she didn't seem to think it was an issue - basically just asked me if it hurt (it doesn't). She took an X-ray, and said that the bone around that tooth is very dense which might be the cause. She also asked if I was interested in braces, I said no, unless it could help avoid a lot of expense in the future.

The dentist didn't seem confident and I would like a second opinion, but I can't afford to see a dentist or orthodontist for another look at the moment.

I don't care about how it looks, but I'm worried it might lead to an issue that could cost me a lot of money in the future. Can anyone comment on if teeth leaning in like this are a cause for concern?

Thanks in advance!
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