Cracked temporary cap - what treatment

Feb 15, 2021
Hello, I have a temporary rear lower molar filling/cap that has been in place for 14 years and it has cracked, what is the best option. The dentist has said the tooth underneath is too weak for him to be able to cap the tooth, so I have two options either rebuild the temporary cap and see how long it lasts, or have the tooth removed. What would be best?

For background, the tooth had problems 14 years ago and was root-filled and then a temporary cap/filling was built up on top? I think this is how it was explained at the time. I was meant to go back to have a proper cap put in place but did not due to financial issues. This temp filling cap has held for 14 years.


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

If the tooth structure left is indeed too little, brittle or weak to support a proper dental crown and possibly a post, and you are happy with a temporary crown, the limitations thereof as well as the function it gives you, then you can attempt a repair.
As long as you understand the risks that it entails.
Once a tooth is extracted, then it is gone forever.

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