Correlation of O/C1, C1/C2 to occlusion pattern

Discussion in 'Orthodontics' started by Andre, Mar 22, 2018.

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    Mar 22, 2018
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    I am a physio & have started working with a dentist that belief in correlation of O/C1, C1/C2 orientation & occlusion pattern. According to patient doctor has performed numerous procedure to the tune of 10 000.00 euro, these include veneers (spelling?) bridges, crowns & "cutting of the nerves of the lower jaw". Please note that the current dentists father also treated the same patient for a period of 6 years prior start of seeing current dentist about 2 years ago. Again, according to patient this was for chewing mostly on the right side. Thus a total of 8 years of dental treatment. Now, the referral stated right posterior rotation of O/C1, requested treatment to improve orientation to neutral in order to facilitate use of permanent splint for patient. Patient concerns were pain in cervical and upper thoracic spine due to repetitive clenching/chewing, especially worse in morning after breakfast but thinks he mostly chew on right side. Patient also considers there to be a lack of sensation of where his lower jaw is (following cut of nerve), thus resulting in increased bite pressure because he is can not "feel" lower jaw. The patient does not want any manual physiotherapy to either cervical or thoracic. The patient noted that he is a very "sensitive" person from birth as his mother had to write a note to his teacher to inform her of this sensitivity. He hag a CABG 5 years ago, with full recovery.The patient informs that he is active in society, was participating in world championship of wind gliding planes and runs a successful business, employing 15 persons. He was very apprehensive regarding active cervical motion, palpation of the TMJ or spinal joints. He was repetitively swallowing though no other symptom of cord compression. He was also not comfortable to undress to expose his trunk. I think he demonstrates signs of central sensitisation. The dentist did not inform of any past history, even when I informed him about what the patient informed me.
    My questions: Does dentist use the Biopsychosocial approach?
    Was too much work done
    How to approach the dentist and what questions need to be asked to determine what procedures was performed
    What relationship exist between orientation of O/C1 & occlusion pattern (some literature refferences would be
    How many dentist work with physiotherapist (US physical therapist)
    How many dentist are familiar with the Roccobado Approach to TMJD
    Andre, Mar 22, 2018
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