Core Buildup

Jan 4, 2022
New to the forum but unfortunately not new to dental work. I have a couple of questions about the experience of others regarding two issues.

I've been around the block with dental care for many decades now. However, my wife and I have lived at our current home for just over a couple of years now and I don't know if things have changed or it's peculiar to the area. It seems now that there is a lot of emphasis on collecting the money up front which includes some charges that might not be needed. It happened again yesterday with a new dentist who was replacing a porcelain on metal crown. It included the full cost of the crown and a core buildup despite the fact that the dentist had commented that he couldn't see what was under the crown due to it being metal. Is that the new normal?

That raises the second question about the need for a core buildup. How do they know that will need that until they look? It seems that is now routinely added whenever a crown is being done whether it's new or a replacement. More and more often these days going to a dentist feels like going to your auto mechanic which leads to the issue of how to find a competent and honest dentist but I'll save that for now.


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