Consequences from teeth whitening

Sep 3, 2017
Hello, I'm interested in teeth whitening at home with a tray. The tube I was given contains 22% carbamide peroxide, they told me to wear it for one week one hour per day. My teeth are healty but one of my two front teeth is rotten, eaten up by decay... I agreed with my dentist that we will fix it after whitening my teeth to match it with the new colour. I was told it will last (the bleaching) for a about a year but I drink coffee everyday so I am worried it will not last that long and that my front filling will stand out soon... My main question though is when the effect of bleaching goes away, will my teeth turn back to their previous/normal shade or is there a case that they will even turn darker/more yellow? My teeth are sensitive in general.



Oct 2, 2017
Home bleaching is pretty useless and it certainly won't turn a decayed tooth to a shiny new white one. If you teeth are pretty horrid yellow ask for in house bleaching first then Color match to a composite to repair the bad tooth.


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