Chipped wisdom tooth

May 4, 2021
So i might have to start by saying that i am an unresponsive 17 year old, i kinda stoped eating candies or sweet thinga but i do drink cook or other sugary drinks and i have some momentes when i don t brush my teeths so i got cavities to the second and third molar.2 days ago i started to see that to the wisdom tooth on the lower left part of the jaw a cavities started to grop, well the next day i went to a party and out of nowhere i just feel something hard in my mount and yea, it was a part of the tooth, but nothing happened to cause it tho, i did not eat something hard or got punch or anything like that, it just feel. I would say imagine a square as my teeth, well 1/4 the lower right side went off. As i said i already got cavities over there and i got the nervs removed, so it doesn t hurt or bleed (neither that it did when it feel) but now there is an edge there which is scrapping my tongue. Should i see a dentist about this? I mean most proabably yes but it doesn t hurt or anything so i thought i may ask


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

I think it is important to see a dentist. More pieces can break off and then the tooth could become compromised. Based on what you said, I think it is a good idea to go see a dentist for a full consultation.

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