Chipped tooth

Jul 20, 2021
So I posted a while ago about potentially cracking my teeth because I bit into a fork while having dinner. I was experiencing pain in the roof of my.mouth around a particular front tooth and I got that checked out. During my visit the dentist told me that it looks like I may have actually chipped the bottom tooth and just traumatized the top tooth. Since then my pppaun in the top tooth has pretty much gone away with some sensitivity when pressure is applied.

But I've been experincing some pain in the bottom tooth and I've actually noticed the chip. It doesn't seem to be too bad (it's the middle (third one in from the six in the front) tooth on the bottom), and my dentist didn't seem too concerned about it but I have developed some sensitivity in it and my dentist didn't do anything to fix it at the time I was there. She just told me she was going to moniter it. I'm just a little concerned about the pain I'm experiencing and I'm wondering if I should get this looked at asap? I've been trying to stick to soft foods and I've had to be gentler with my brushing because of the pain. I've also noticed that the tooth is most sensitive to cold air or if I take a sharp breath from my mouth. I have a cleaning appointment for this Friday and I'm wondering if I should wait till then or go earlier?



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Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

I don't see a need to go in earlier. It can wait. Try applying some sensitive toothpaste to the affected tooth by rubbing it on for about a minute and then NOT rinsing your mouth afterwards. I have found this sometimes reduces the sensitivity a lot. If this doesn't help,it might be necessary to do a filling in that area.



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