Childs teeth info sought.

May 2, 2013
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Hi, I live in a SEA country and while they do have world class dentistry here, some of the information you get from dentists, and doctors, is not all it is cracked up to be and after years here, you do not know who to believe in many cases unless you have a good long term relationship with someone.

My kids have not required anything out of the ordinary as yet, they are 8 and 11yo.

However, over last several months my daughters teethe have grown kinda weird and I would really like to get a western perspective and advice on what would be required to do, either now or in the future.

Not looking for definitive instructions, just general help and recommendations so that when we do go to the dentist here with her, I can have a reasonable guide to what should be done and then if the advice in the chair is dramatic and overdone, I can evaluate it somewhat.

We have had ridiculous advice for a child before, for example braces for a 6yo!!

If I was to post photos of her problems here, could I get some comments from experts in their fields? Or just a dentist? :D



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