Cheap, Stingy, or ADHD?


May 11, 2022
I am retired, long history of dental work. Filling in every tooth by end of high school. Root canal and crown after college. Today I have 5 crowns. The crowns have been great, although I opted for porcelain on the last one and don't love it-its size is smaller that corresponding teeth, and its color is nowhere close to my real teeth, causing people's eyes to track down to it when I smile. So recently I was experiencing pain in 3 natural teeth. I called for an appt last September, was told 1st opening was in March. I whined (pain in 3 teeth) and the scheduler said let me check again and then said oh wait yes she has an opening... (end of November.) I arrive and I am seen by a young woman, but not by who I requested and who I was told the appt was with... The appt was pleasant but waste of time and money. I then was scheduled for February with who I had requested. Appt was pleasant and fillings done on right side. Discussion about crowns, root canals, and pulling teeth. Scheduled for end of April for left side which was the worst side... Fillings done, and again a discussion about crowns and root canals and pulling. My right upper work resulted in my right lower crown popping loose momentarily resulting in electrical lightning arcing from the gold crown forward thru the next two filled teeth. This has happened twice now, and saliva (?salt?) seems to trigger the lightning? The tooth above was shaped like a dagger striking the junction between lower tooth and crown. It had a pointy edge like a dagger. Complained at next appt and the sharp point was filed off but it still feels prominent. Left upper middle tooth, inbetween two crowns, is now also shaped like a dagger. But I finally figured out why this was occurring. Her fillings on the two dagger teeth do not fill to the top of the tooth-I have a gulley running down the length of those teeth. When I bite down on food these upper teeth don't have a flat stiking surface and the food is acting like a wedge giving me the feeling like my tooth is going to break apart, so I immediately back off of the chew (simply bread triggers this the most.) The right worst symptoms have mostly subsided. The left is getting worse-I now have pain above the tooth including the fleshy area left of my nose and above the bone my left upper teeth are adjoined to. I remember excruciating pain before my root canal in my 20's, and this isn't close to that, yet, but very concerning-even flossing triggers pain along the rim of the dagger tooth so somehow I don't think filing this one down will do the trick. But currently it only hurts to touch/pressure.

I have repeatedly told her I like crowns and don't care what my teeth look like and pulling is fine with me also. What do I have to say to get her to pull the trigger?! I drive 2hrs for these appts and with inflation rising gas is expensive. How do you be forceful when you know that will trigger their temper?


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