Car Accident and Toothache

Jun 8, 2013
Hi all.

I was in a car accident on 12/12/17. Basically there were 3 cars involved in the accident. A car hit another car and the second car spun into my car. It pushed my car a full car length back. My car was hit in the front. My injuries include whiplash causing neck and back pain and headaches. I did not hit my head in the crash.

On 1/18/18 my upper right tooth, #4, started hurting. It has root canal symptoms including sensitivity to hot and cold which lasts longer than a minute, constant toothache, throbbing toothache, pain with biting and chewing.

Now it's been a couple of days and two other teeth have started hurting. So far it's just toothache and light sensitivity with liquids. One is an upper left tooth and the other is a lower left tooth.

I'm wondering if any of these teeth problems can be related to the car accident?

Is it possible for symptoms to start a month or longer after something like that?

I'm wondering if I clenched my teeth or somehow bit together and the teeth hit each other on impact. I was stunned and shaken up for a couple of hours afterwards and had adrenaline running through me. Even the neck and back pain I didn't feel right on impact.

I'm scheduled to have a root canal treatment on #4 with an endodontist on 2/8/18. Really wondering if these 3 teeth are related to the car accident.

Any advice and support would be much appreciated. I'm really lost here.



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