Can't find source of pain :(

Apr 8, 2017
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I've had minor intermittent pain on my left side of my mouth for about a year. My dentist told me to try using sensitivity toothpaste and that's kept the pain in check, though pretty much every day there's some minor pain. It feels like when you get your braces tightened, a dull push and pull sort of pain.
But the last few days that pain has intensified by a lot! It's unbearable at times and it moves around but it's usually the top teeth, always left side. I went to my dentist Thursday and he took x-rays and did some tests (tapping, ice, air) but found nothing.
I've had some recurring issues with TMJ in the past but it's never been accompanied by tooth pain, and right now my jaw feels a little tense but it's hard to relax when I'm in near constant pain.
I also have a crown on the top left that was put on several years after my root canal. I had no pain before the crown and it's right in the middle of where the pain is most often.
Any thoughts on the cause?? Thanks for any help!


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