Can't figure out tooth pain, nothing shows on x-ray.

Apr 25, 2022
Hello, I grind and clench my teeth sometimes at night, I do wear an OTC mouthguard nightly but was without it one night last Sunday. I woke up last Monday with a sore jaw (hinge) and headache that persisted throughout the day and have delt with this before. By Wednesday night I was in great deal of pain, my jaw hinge was almost completely better but the underside of my jaw was hurting now and almost felt like nerve pain, the pain seemed to be coming from a root canaled tooth but the adjacent and teeth above were also sore and maybe a little swollen because my bite felt slightly off.

I went to the dentist the following afternoon and they didn't see any chips or cracks upon exam or x-ray, and I have no sensitivity to hot or cold. I was fitted for a proper nightguard and the dentist did shave down my one of my teeth after after doing the paper test, but I had no problems with my bite prior to this incident. The initial swelling has come down but now my bite is super off due to the drilling.

The dentist said the pain was fro. Grinding and should subside but I haven't slept in three days and have made a conscious effort to keep my teeth from touching so as not to further aggravate the initial issue. The pain has not gotten any better, only gotten worse and 800mg every 6 hours of Ibuprofen is not helping. I have another appointment this afternoon.

The pain doesn't seem to really be in my teeth anymore but more so but the area directly below the teeth on the whole bottom right side, like in the area where you would give an injection to numb. What could this possibly be? Could I have a sprained tooth, or maybe even a fracture in my jawbone?

I guess I looking for the right language or ideas to help my dentist pinpoint the issue. Thank you.



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Did you understand why the dentist shave down one of your teeth? How does the custom night guard fit and feel? Perhaps your dentist may need to examine possible pulpal disease if the pain doesn't subside.


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