Can't decide between 3 unit bridge and bone graft with implant.

Mar 6, 2022
I was just told by my dentist my #3 tooth on top right needs to be removed. I was told I could do a 3 unit bridge or a bonegraft with an implant. I'm 67 with no dental insurance. As a child I was hurt by a dentist so this problem I have scares me. I told them I must be put under before this work can be done. My concerns with the bridge are weather or not the connecting teeth can hold up long term. My #2 tooth already has a crown. I don't like the idea of cutting off a perfectly good crown just to replace it with another crown. It seems to me this is just asking for trouble. My #4 tooth seems to be OK, I don't like the idea of filing it down to accommodate another crown.Another concern is the longevity of a bridge.Im reading 5 to 7 yrs is average, 10 years or more if your lucky.For approximately $3400.00 I feel it should last longer.Even though the expense is greater I guess I am slightly leaning towards the bone graft and implant. The bone graft scares me and the healing time concerns me. I'm looking at approximately $5500.00 for this procedure. This is a lot of money when your retired living on Social Security. I am shocked that it cost this much money to fix a problem caused by 1 tooth. I would have considered not replacing the extracted tooth if it wasn't for the fact the surrounding teeth will shift. My parents paid for me to have braces when I was a child. Because of this I have always tried to maintain my teeth the best I can. With the prices that are charged today I can understand why people are walking around with missing teeth. I would like to say thank you in advance for your comments.


Nov 19, 2019
I too have issues and concerns about how we are having to pay this kind of money for an implant. Im sorry noone has answered your question as mine was not answered either, even with several xrays.
Wonder why the site is up? Oh well. Good luck to you and hoping your tooth is replaced with a long lasting one.
Take care


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