Can I have a bone graft removed and will it all be easily removable 3 weeks after placing?

Dec 30, 2021
I have nerve damage in my UL2 area from a prolonged infection that was there for years when my past dentist ignored my complaints that there was a problem.
I was told I would never get rid of the pain by many specialists but after having my UL1 & UL2 removed the pain went away immediately.
For 2 years I never felt the pain again.

3 weeks ago I had an implant placed in the UL1 area, knowing it was a risk but I told the dentist if there was a reaction to the implant then I would have him remove it, I also told him not to go anywhere near the UL2 area, despite this, he has put a bone graft in the UL2 area, and my nerve damage pain has returned and is worse than ever.

I am going back to the dentist exactly 3 weeks after him placing the implant & graft (due to xmas holidays is first appointment available)
I will request him to remove the graft I did not want and the implant.

My question is, will it be simple and possible for the dentist to remove every microscopic drop of the bone graft?
As I fear if some is left in there this pain will never go away.

Thank you very much for your time


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