Can anyone tell me about this

Feb 1, 2022
Its been almost 3 weeks . Suture removed in first 7 days .

I had a very critical teeth removale as after 3 attempts dentist unable to remove complete root stumps

In firat attempt there is left a mid size mesio buccal root and a tiny root stump of palatal root

2nd and 3 rd attempt alsp failed means complete removale is failed

Than MAXILOFACIAL SURGEON stepped into my case and he cut a huge part of bone as he said due to many attempt i already lost a huge bone area from one side and tissue loss ( gum ). The Dentist who made the first Attempt was ordered by court and barred from practicing as Court found neglegency and some sort of violation ( he removed only one root as second dentost IOPA proves there is another 2 roots left . First dentist took no xray or radiographic checkup on revisit complain etc etc )

So he said for now i will remove part of bone to remove the endo perio lesion and the retained root parts and than close the area with suture . He did and my long 3 months pain gone in just 4 days . He adviced me to visit him after 30 days , than after 3 months than after again 3 months and than he will do a BONE GRAFT , some sort of gum treatment and than in next 2 years he will go for implant ( he said dont be in hurry , do things slow ) also he adviced me to Gargal 4,5 times a day with luke warm salt water for the time

But now its been 3 weeks and still i feel weird at the area of extraction , itching , dullness or soreness .

Is it healing !!! Attaching the picture
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Nov 19, 2019
Sorry you have not been responded to. It seems like the forum is not too active over here.. :(
Hopefully you have some answers and a game plan and well thought out. It looks good!
My extraction/bone graft did not go well. I wish i had also gone with someone more competent but the tooth needed to be removed and i could into get in to see the oral surgeon to begin with implant etc.
Now im at the mercy of the provider hoping they can make it right, meaning get the bone graft out (its been 9 days) and either do it again or just leave it to heal.
I think you are in good hands however the dentist telling you to take your time, and successfully getting rid of the problem with the bone. Good deal ! Just thought id comment. Hoping its going well, keep me posted.


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