Can a tooth that has been root canalled and then re-done by an Endodontist still Hurt?.

Mar 10, 2021
Hi All,

I have an issue that is baffling many people.
My UL2 tooth had issues in Dec, that would result in pain/numbness that radiated to my left nostril/runny nose and slight numbness, the tooth would hurt and using sensitive tooth paste would actually seem to go up the gap (UL1/UL2) and cause the issue, same trigger with Hex mouthwash
Long story short, it was root canalled. Same issue.
I had a Endodontist re-root canal it. Same Issue.
I had the adjacent tooth (UL1) root canalled - Same Issue.
Had various Anti-B's, same issue.
Peridontist cannot explain it (no gum pockets etc) just a lot of recession either side.

Hex mouthwash sets it off 100% but sensitive toothpaste not so after the root canals.

The tooth is sensitive still, and produces incredible pain if triggered. I can trigger it now with an interdental brush on the other side (the gap) by simply brushing lightly.

I think I need it out, but very worried that as no one knows what the issue is that it will cause even more issues (I know that sounds crazy). its like the gums either side are inflammed.

Any one ever heard of a similar thing?.


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