can a professional please help me? 17years old

Jan 19, 2016
I have very unstraight teeth. I always wanted braces as a kid, my parents were really neglectful. I'm pretty sure they didn't have insurance then, but I know that by this point, we definitely do not.
Anyways, as a result never being to a dentist in my life, and poor hygiene for much of my younger years (parents never made me brush or realize the importance of it), I have gum recession in a lot of places of my mouth. Namely where my teeth go behind my other teeth, which honestly was bound to happen since they were so far back behind the rest anyways and I still don't know how to keep them from yellowing because they are really hard to reach and kind of blocked.
I need a lot of work done on my mouth basically, it would cost at least a few thousand without insurance, and that is the gum grafting surgery I looked into alone and not whatever else I will need which of course, I will need more. The problem is I am going to have to be the one paying for it, and I don't have insurance on myself yet. What insurance options would an 18 year old have that would be good coverage for me? As soon as I turn 18, I plan to begin my dental restoration journey.

Any help would be appreciated.

My second question is, is there a certain way I should approach this? I'm kind of scared of going to a dentist before a periodontist and I'm completely on my own here. Not sure what to do and I really don't want to be berated for something I really couldn't help and I've heard bad stories before. I'm a really shy and anxious person and if anything keeps me from getting the help, it would be that.

Now that I have grown up enough to realize what I need to do and why and because I'm almost an adult and able to help myself, I am ready to take the steps to get it all done.

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