Burning in inside ear

Jun 21, 2022
I had canker sore 1.5 month ago , healed already . Then dentist found out two big lesions on each cheek , went to oral surgeon he confirmed it’s due to chronic cheek chewing habit , stopped habit in 3 weeks healed , after that I found on left above cheek slightly bulged salivary gland , a tiny one and also found left inner cheek with bluish marks , surgeon confirmed again that I got extra melanin and those things are due to chewed habit , also recommended not to ply with that bulged gland , now he told me not to see him as nothing is wrong w cheek , now since 8 days I got blocked ear , and few like constant burning inside ear , if by mistake my tongue touch those chewed marks or that bulg gland , I get start burning right away in cheek and ear , I m scared , kindly guide dentists what to do ,


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day
It is difficult to give a lot of advice, with limited information, but canker sores are often associated with the Herpes Virus. This virus, once you get infected, remains dormant, often in the trigeminal nerve ganglion, and then gets "re-activated" under certain conditions, such as stress or a decrease in your immune system.
The virus then travels down the nerve fibres, of which the trigeminal nerve has certain branches associated with the ear region. Most commonly sores is found in the oral-facial region.
Treatment usually consists out of symptomatic relief, since the symptoms disappear after about 2 weeks.


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