Bump in my mouth and strange fluid movement

Sep 7, 2015
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Have this bump on the tongue side of my gums, it has been there long as I can remember. I've also been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and severe digestive issues since my memory began which has kept me disabled for the last half a decade. This bump in my mouth is on the tongue side of my gums on the lower right side of my mouth. The bump is one tooth to the right of my canine and straight down, it's nearer to where the gum wall meets the mouth's floor than it is to the tooth. This protrusion is hard to recognize when feeling with fingers, yet, when feeling with my tongue it is quite recognizable and, there, the contrast between the bump on the right side and the symmetrically matching spot on the left side is like night and day as that matching spot on the left side is smooth. Panorex xrays have been tried but have always come up showing nothing to be wrong with the area of the bump.

Back maybe 6 years ago I would get the strangest of symptoms if I yawned wide. On the bottom right of my chin, directly below where this bump is, fluid of some unknown sort would build up and lock in place. when this happened I could feel a sharp, throbbing pain. The fluid would lock in there for a short while, noticeably swelling the area for anyone who would feel the area, then, it would drain to somewhere in slow and pained pulses. I learned to check the wideness of my yawns to prevent this problem from occurring and over time forgot about it. I can yawn widely now without issue.

About a month ago I developed TMJ, had clicking that I could hear coming from my body's inside through the inside of my right ear, had a feeling like my jaw was unhinged, and for that first day had sharp pain under the front part of my chin which was more intense on the right side than the left, the same right side spot where the fluid built up years ago except without the fluid and the pain being in a throbbing pattern and this time with some pain on the left side. The TMJ only lasted a week or two and I haven't felt a trace of it since. Went to the dentist because of it and was told to take typical over the counter pain medicine for it when symptoms presented.

The main reason I'm here is to see if this abnormality could in any way be related to my debilitating illness.
What am I dealing with here?


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