Broken crown

Apr 8, 2021
I broke a crown on my #13. I have no pain. I had it evaluated by a dentist and she says it was a tooth that has been root canalled. So that's why no pain. She gave me a list with a couple lower cost restorative options to replace this crown. But cost is still high for my budget. So. Long story short. Is it totally necessary to have crown replaced and, if so, how soon do I have to get it done? And is there any option over the counter that I could use? Thanks


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

It is difficult to give an opinion without any photos or x-rays.
Depending on how the crown fractured, it can sometimes take a part of the tooth with it, exposing the GP's/ other root filling materials to the oral environment. Without a proper coronal seal, micro-leakage into the roots could result in possible infection and root canal failure.
I would consider placing a temp crown, until you can afford a new crown, or a composite build up, depending on how the remaining tooth structure looks like, to seal the coronal or top part of the root canal system.


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