Braces + veneers + frenectomy/lip lift?

Nov 22, 2020
This is my first post on here and I have no idea of this is the right place to do it so if there's a better forum or thread I'd love a link or anything!

I finally decided to get braces at 30yo and get the teeth I've always wanted (Hollywood smile). I am also getting veneers on so the Ortho is leaving a little extra space between the teeth so at the end the dentist can fill in the gaps, my dentist is fantastic and I trust him in what he's doing and my Ortho is doing a great job also. Now.. Here's the addition to my dilemma. When I smile I get what I call the "turtle" smile. My mid upper lip stays lower than the rest of my smile and points down. I get a little gum showing on the sides but my front teeth are quite hidden by my lip. I've done some research and it's possibly the frenulum in the lip being too tight. I hope to have those great teeth after everything is done but now I'm stressing over this.

Now as for why I'm here lol I'm hoping there are some professionals or people of experience that can give me some insight or new ideas on what to do.

1. If I don't get a frenectomy then I'll still have that turtle smile, I was going to ask my Ortho to pull my teeth lower so I have more teeth showing but I now have lots of teeth and no gummy smile.. Would that look weird? I know a great smile has a little bit of gum.
2. I get my braces off and my veneers on and get a frenectomy and it doesn't work.. Ugh.. Turtle smile
3. I get my braces off with longer teeth and go for a frenectomy and it works and now I have horse teeth. . Uuuuuugh..
4. I get my braces off and my veneers on and try a lip lift to combat that turtle? Does anybody know anyone with a lip lift? Can they still pronounce their M's and P's?
5. I keep my braces on until after covid and try and coordinate with my dentist, Ortho and a surgeon?

Reading this I realize the teeth aren't the problem but the lips and I guess that's not exactly dentistry but maybe somebody here has been through this or a professional has done this planning with a patient before.

Has anybody else gone through this much planning to get a perfect smile..? Fml..

I appreciate any and all help. If you want pictures just ask and I'll post.


Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
You mentioned your dentist is fantastic and you trust him. He should be the first source of your questions and concerns. A person's cosmetic concerns can be very subjective and results can vary greatly. I would not move or modify teeth other than ideal and get a consult with an oral surgeon. There is a chance no matter what we do, you may never be satisfied.


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