Bond gone wrong

Nov 1, 2022
I had some imperfections on my front teeth from previous dental work damage. I asked for bond from another dentist to fix it. The bond lasted probably six months and came off one tooth. I saw the damage he did to that tooth! Apparently he shaved both of my front teeth a lot! I have root exposure on both and part of my tooth is shaved short on one. I was horrified. I didn't realize this until after the bond has fallen off of both teeth at different times. I regret ever doing the bond and my teeth are forever damaged. This was not supposed to happen with bond. I do not want crowns. Too expensive and I don't want my teeth shaved to a peg. The damage is done, so I have to move forward. I need the bond to stay on. Why does it keep coming off? I don't know my other options. But I want the most conservative plan. Any advice is appreciated.


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