Black on crown, and side of molar

Mar 12, 2016
Hi, I'm 22 and work in a prison. I've noticed that I've been grinding my teeth a lot lately and I also smoke cigs. Well today I got very minor pain I'm my back molar so I took a look and now I'm terrified. I was in braces for 7 years and I've always been decent at brushing my teeth. So I just don't know how this happened. I'm afraid that they'll have to remove it, but I'll find out next week... Any advice for me?


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Mar 11, 2016
Is this a natural tooth or a crwon ? or do you remember putting any restorations in the tooth ex: amlgum
If it is your natural tooth this maybe a stains from cigrattes or your tooth have a caries ,...
and if this is a crown that is consists of percelain and metal ; this would be that your grinding to the tooth caused chipping of the porcelain as it is like a glass material and lead to the display of metal below it :)
this would be the possibile diagnosis ; I can't give you a final diagnosis unless after clinical examination :)

do not panic the treatment will be very simple in all cases :)
please after seeing your doctor can you inform me about what was his diagnosis and treatment for this issue ^_^
Thanks and have a nice day :)


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