Biopsy result Chronic Inflamation Reaction

Feb 13, 2020
I had a tooth infection (tooth number 3 upper right) and they did a root canal. The root canal failed, I had lots of pain and swelling. Oral surgeon said the tooth is cracked. He removed it and put bone graft so I can do my implant later. I still had pain, and found out a little pus on the gum above the extracted tooth. He removed the bone graft and placed fresh bone graft. And also did a biopsy with result “ chronic inflammation reaction”. He doesn’t know why I still get stiff/puffy cheek but said to let it heal. The biopsy reads “ Multiple sections show fragments of fibrocollageneous tissue containing lymphocytes, plasma cells, and neutrophilis. Viable bone trabeculae are also seen” and diagnosis is “chronic inflamation reaction”. Can someone please tell me what does this mean? Thank you so much!


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